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The Musician...

An accomplished musician, The Boogie Man has had a guitar in his hand since he was a kid ... literally!

Not many people know that The Boogie Man was a radio DJ from the time he was 17 years old so his knowledge of music (from well before his time) is exemplary.  It is with this knowledge that he formulated a song list with a huge WOW factor... Every song is a hit!


The Boogie Man has a dozen or so acoustic and electric guitars with state of the art digital effects that can produce a full band sound ... so he is truly a one-man band!

For weddings, festivals and larger corporate events The Boogie Man can also use recorded backing tracks (if required) and he has all the PA and lighting effects to play to around 500 people.

The Boogie Man also has a 'secret twin brother' named Jon Davis who is a singer / songwriter in his own right - check out